Light Support Knee Sleeve, Unisex

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CEP's Light Support Compression Knee Sleeve provides the knee stabilizing support you need to relieve pain and soreness with ultra-light material for comfort and breathability. Unlike other knee sleeves, the CEP Light Support Compression Knee Sleeve is designed with a medically inspired, anatomical fit that places the knee in a position to recover from injury while you train. By providing support and stabilizing your knee joints with a light, yet significant compression, CEP's Knee Compression Sleeve will improve circulation while you move. This support, combined with its ability to adapt to a wide range of athletic movements, makes this the perfect knee sleeve to keep you doing what you love while you heal.
  • Ultra-Thin material for ultimate flexibility and comfort
  • Stabilizes your knee with patented popliteus zone
  • Light to moderate compression on the knee for pain relief
  • Anatomical fit adapts to athletic movements
  • Promotes healthy circulation and reduces swelling