DRAFT About Us


At CEP, we believe in passion.

Our drive is to increase your confidence, your power and make you feel stronger because we are your supporters to follow your passion.

We give you what you deserve!

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We have clothing for any athletic endeavor, or athleisure activity! From compression apparel that supports and protects your muscles and joints, to training apparel that combines style with function, CEP has your back, and everything else for that matter!



Ain't no mountain high or valley low that you can't conquer with CEP. We push the limits of innovation and design to new heights with our collection of outdoor socks, so you can keep calm and trek on with confidence in each step.



Built with medi compression and optimized materials, our ski gear keeps you warm, dry, supported, and comfortable all day on the slopes. Whether you're slaying the black diamonds, or bracing yourself on the bunny slopes, you can rely on CEP ski to ensure you'll have a great run.


We have a variety of socks that can be casual or formal, so you can dress them up or down for whatever your day throws your way. Working and traveling with CEP compression ensures your feet and legs are protected from ailments like DVT, swelling, blood clots, and keeps you comfortable all day. Make your transition from work to workout a breeze, and slay your day with CEP!





We are here to support you and help you reach your goals. That support doesn't stop once you've left the field. Our recovery products are designed to help you restore and recharge your body, so your rest days are just as effective as your toughest training days.



We offer a wide range of orthopedic supports and braces built with medi compression to relieve pain, protect, and encourage healing. Optimized for movement and designed to stabilize, these products give you a foundation so you can build strength without sacrificing power and form.