About Us


Combining style and function, CEP designs products so you can activate your full potential, on and off the field. Experience next level performance. Experience the CEP difference.



CEP offers a wide range of sportswear for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or training for your 3rd marathon, we have the gear you need to perform your best. From ultra-comfortable athleisure, to high-tech compression products, CEP combines function and style in every piece so you can look good and feel good.




Whether you enjoy casual hikes on the weekend or challenging long distance adventures, CEP outdoor products are built to withstand all weather and any distance. Thanks to innovative technology and high-quality materials, CEP products help regulate body temperature and provide your muscles with support and nutrients, without blisters or hot spots. Start your next adventure on the right foot with CEP’s outdoor collection!



Finding the perfect ski sock has never been easier with CEP’s wide variety of ski socks to fit your needs! All designed with breathable material, comfortable wool, and high-quality fibers to keep you dry and comfortable. While the compression provides stability and support to prevent injuries and swelling. Ski safe and confident with CEP.




After a tough workout, recovery is key. Make the most of your down time with CEP, so you can get back in the game faster and stronger. The best part? Compression products won’t keep you from your daily activities, you can wear them on the go, during workouts, or while traveling. Promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and eliminate waste with CEP Recovery Socks and Tights.




Compression isn’t just for the track and gym, we have products that are designed to be worn all day at the office, in the car, or on airplanes, so you can feel fresh and energized all day. Our Allday Socks are knit with thin, breathable materials and fit perfectly in almost any business shoe. Avoid swollen legs, blood clots, or painful DVT's and bring CEP with you on your next business trip.

Explore our wide range orthopedic braces and supports to find the right solution for you. Backed by medi, CEP products are scientifically proven to relieve pain, improve stabilization, and reduce swelling so you can heal faster and perform with confidence. Through the use of our SMART SILICONE technology, we can effectively protect major joints like the knee, ankle, and Achilles, while ensuring a comfortable fit.